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The shapes and configurations of nature are wildly complicated, often very non-intuitive, yet completely amazing.  The shapes and forms of a tree, a human skeleton, an insect or animal are the most efficient designs imaginable. To mimic the flawless balance between structure and strength of nature’s most efficient shapes, ETA engineers have developed the ACP Process. The process incorporates similar balance to product structures in terms of shape, material and thickness for automobiles, aircraft and a variety of other structural products. 

This technique is a proprietary, performance-driven, holistic product design development method, which is based on design optimization.  ACP incorporates the use of multiple CAE tools to generate an optimal design solution.  

The key benefits of the ACP Process™ include a demonstrated capability to reduce product development costs by 35-40%; reduce product mass by approximately 25-30%; improve product performance in terms of stiffness, NVH, crash/safety, durability; as well as reduce manufacturing and tooling cost through part consolidation.  These benefits were proven in the Future Steel Vehicle Program. 

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ACP Application Options:
Option #1: Full Scale Structural Optimization
Comprehensive goals are achievable with this option, which offers the greatest possible mass reduction & overall efficiency improvement through a complete redesign of the current product architecture.  For multi-material objective products, the team performs geometry, material & thickness (GMT) optimization to select the material among potential material types (steel, composite, aluminum, magnesium, etc.) and then performs multidisciplinary geometry, gage and grade (3G) optimization for fine-tuning. 
Option #2: Critical Parts Optimization - Shape Change
Targeted mass reduction and efficiency improvement goals are achievable with this option.  The ETA consulting team analyzes critical features by looking at structural performance, GMT (if necessary) and performs multidisciplinary3G optimization of critical parts, while keeping existing product architecture.  
Option #3: Critical Parts Optimization - No Change in Shape
Using Option #3, very focused goals of mass reduction and efficiency improvements are achievable.  The ETA team analyzes critical features by looking at structural performance and performs multidisciplinary gage and grade (2G) optimization of critical parts, while maintaining the existing product architecture.  
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