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ETA has impacted the design and development of numerous products - autos, trains, aircraft, household appliances, and consumer electronics.  By enabling engineers to simulate the behavior of these products during manufacture or during their use, ETA has been involved in making these products safer, more durable, lighter weight, and less expensive to develop. 

Through the Engineering Services Division, ETA supports the client's product development process by providing an array of computer aided engineering (CAE) services generating virtual prototype evaluations for crashworthiness, durability, and vibration.  This ensures optimal design from the outset of the project. 

ETA's Inventium Suite streamlines the virtual product development process, reducing the overall product development cycle and saving companies millions of dollars in physical prototype testing.

ETA's qualified personnel can help support the client's own virtual product development process.  By providing experienced, motivated engineers and IT staff, ETA can supplement the client's staff.  The In-Client Services Group has been recognized by major automotive OEMs as a primary resource for their Engineering and IT staffing needs.



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