ETA is an engineering solutions & consulting company, offering services from Concept to Product. The firm is a leading provider of product design and development solutions along with FEA software tools, serving the automotive, aerospace, energy & power, oil & gas, electronic packaging, biomedical and civil engineering industries.

Patented ACP Process

The Accelerated Concept to Product (ACP) Process® is a patented, performance-driven, proprietary product development method based on CAE. It incorporates multiple CAE & optimization tools to generate an optimal design solution.
With the ACP Process® hundreds of design concepts under multiple load conditions are evaluated simultaneously. Only those concepts that meet all of the design targets and manufacturing constraints are initiated. The resulting concept(s) is designed, analyzed, and optimized using loading, manufacturing, material, and cost constraints. This ensures that the final product meets all performance, mass, and cost constraints. Applied at the component, sub-system, or full- system level, significant efficiencies, and product improvements are achievable using ACP.

ACP Results:

  •     Reduce Development Cost by 35-40%
  •     Improve Manufacturing Efficiency
  •     Reduce Mass by ~ 20%
  •     Improve Product Performance
  •     Improve Fuel Efficiency

Consulting / R&D Projects

The ETA engineering team specializes in linear & non-linear stress analysis, crash, NVH, durability, safety, thermal analysis, seismic analysis, CFD, electromagnetic, composite material analysis, and civil-structure analysis & design.

Services Offered:

  •     Full vehicle, Sub-system & Component Analysis
  •     Crash & Occupant Safety Simulations
  •     Durability & NVH
  •     Concept & Development
  •     Design verification
  •     Design Optimization
  •     Metal forming Analysis
  •     Die Structure Optimization
  •     Manufacturing Process Simulation & Analysis