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bus smJanuary, 2017—Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA) announced the release of Inventium 2016R2. The release includes PreSys, ETA’s finite element modeling software, and VPG, its mechanical system analysis plugins. Available immediately through ETA and its worldwide distribution network, substantial updates to the software have been implemented in the release for finite element (FE) modeling, meshing, geometry and solver compatibility.

Abundant improvements were made in PreSys 2016R2 to give the user expanded fluency when operating large-scale finite element models. Contributing to this fluency was the optimization of the graphics performance. The model import, element/node operations and post-processing speeds were all improved in this release. The meshing capabilities of PreSys were enhanced with respect to Area Meshing, Topology Meshing and Tetra Meshing. Additionally, some new features were added to for to simplify geometry manipulation.

In the VPG modules, enhancements were made for its Safety Module in terms of pedestrian protection and vehicle rollover functions. Also, the new Implicit function allows the user to quickly define the static and dynamic solving tasks, including setting the material and section property, creating the load, constraining the boundary, defining the analysis control parameters and submitting the jobs.

trailer smInventium 2016R2 is the latest release of the Inventium software, which includes PreSys, and VPG Modules, Drop Test, FSI. A core solution for finite element analysis engineers, PreSys is a cost-effective software tool, which also interfaces with popular CAD software products such as CATIA, NX, ProEngineer, Solidworks and AutoCAD. It allows product development engineers and simulation specialists to access design data, quickly create complex finite element models and create insightful simulations.

Building upon its initial release in June of 2010 and subsequent releases in 2012 and 2014, PreSys now offers added functionality and broader potential with its 2016 R1 Release. The software tool is available on the Windows platform for 64-bit machines, directly through ETA and its distributor network. To find out more, please visit

About Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA)
Advanced product development engineers working as structural analysts for the world’s largest automotive manufacturers established Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA) in 1983. ETA’s expertise in the areas of vehicle durability, NVH, metal forming, crashworthiness, occupant safety and product design have provided an intimate knowledge of the challenges and needs of the product development engineer. Proactive in the creation and implementation of new analysis methods and software, ETA is the developer of DYNAFORM, PreSys and VPG. For further information about ETA and its products, please visit or call (248) 729-3010.




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