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FLDThe Formability Simulation module uses LS-DYNA for accurate physics modeling, efficient calculation and in-depth simulation of the formability based on the die design. The FLD (forming limit diagram), thinning map, wrinkling, material draw-in, circular grid, light strip and skid mark results identify weaknesses of the die design.

New! Optimization Capability
With DYNAFORM Version 5.9, the engineer can more effectively design drawbeads that restrict the blank from wrinkling & splitting during the forming process, significantly reducing the time required to achieve a formable part.  It streamlines the challenging and time consuming process of laying out drawbeads for large and complicated parts and guides the engineer to efficiently achieve optimum configurations for drawbead forces. This feature streamlines die design, improves product performance and reduces manufacturing time by using simulation iterations as a search engine for the best possible design solution.  As a result, higher performing, higher quality products can be developed, while greater manufacturing efficiency is achieved.

MSTEP & QuickSetup
In this module, a one-step solution using MSTEP is included to perform a quick evaluation of part formability.  FS includes a QuickSetup for standard single-stage draw die and springback simulations.  

Autosetup and Multiple-Stage Simulations
AutoSetup is available for complicated multiple-stage forming setups for all formability applications of various die systems.  The AutoSetup interface visually guides the user through the setup process.  All travel curves are automatically generated and multiple-stations can be setup seamlessly.

Hydroforming Capabilities
FS can support tube bending, tube hydroforming and sheet hydroforming.

Springback & Springback Compensation Process (SCP)
Using the DYNAFORM SCP, the user can determine and simulate the amount of springback compensation; simply define the selected tool to be compensated in SCP. 

Special Forming Processes
FS can support stretch forming, thermal forming, roll forming and super plastic forming for specialized manufacturing processes.

Material Library
To maintain accuracy, the bundled material library contains a large selection of standard material types and users can also customize the library to meet specific needs such as:     
• Gravity Load                  
• Draw Die                 
• Crash Form               
• Inverted Draw (Single Action)                       
• Toggle Draw (Double Action)         
• Trimming       
• Flanging       
• Re-strike       
• Springback and Springback Compensation       
• Tube Bending & Hydroforming




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