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blank outlineBSE is a complete solution for accurately estimating blank size along with blank nesting for maximum material utilization, minimum scrap and piece costs—all within the familiar NX environment. The solution can quickly produce a blank outline for blank size estimation along with piece price and scrap calculation.  

Designed for cost estimators, blank predictions consider both linear bends and the material stretch that occurs during the forming process to produce the most accurate blank possible. The solution also provides for ‘1-up’, ‘2-up’, ‘2-pair’, ‘mirrored’ and ‘multiple blank’ nesting configurations. 

BSE-in-NX can also automatically generate reports, which include  detailed descriptions of overall blank size, nesting configuration, pitch, coil width, material utilization, number of coils required to meet annual volume and total piece price for materials.

Part Preparation

  • Separates top & bottom surfaces of solid-model parts
  • Automatically generates middle surfaces
  • Fixes & fills surface gaps & holes
  • Automatically meshes
  • Tips double-attached parts
  • Fills holes & gaps between double-attached parts & creates sidestep
Blank Development
  • Blank size estimates (accurately predicts flat blank profiles)
  • Supports tailor welded blanks & double attached parts
  • Outputs press direction automatically after running MSTEP
  • Unfolds flanges
  • Trim line calculations
  • Produces the most accurate blank, as linear bends & material stretch from the forming process are considered 
  • Supports constraint conditions in the accurate method
  • Allows nesting with imported, created or MSTEP generated outline
  • Supports outline development, editing & deletion
  • Optimal 1-up, 2-up, 2-pair, mirror & multiple blank nesting
  • Fitted geometry shape nesting: rectangle, parallel, trapezoid, isosceles trapezoid & arc
  • Supports nesting with fixed angle, pitch or width
  • Supports nesting with the range of angle, pitch &width
  • Allows nesting in plate to align the outlines in plate position
  • Calculates material utilization, fall-off & piece cost
  • Calculates 3D trim line of each outline & outputs IGES
  • Outputs 3D trim line in the original position & tipping position for double-attached parts
Forming Analysis
  • Generates a forming limit diagram (FLD)
  • Predicts thickness, thinning, thickening & strain
Report Generation
  • Cost estimation reports (maximum material utilization & product piece cost)
  • Formability reports (thickness, thinning & FLD)
  • Supports different output units for nesting reports
  • Offers a combined report for tailor welded blanks




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