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Now available within the user-friendly Inventium Suite architecture, VPG's Safety Module delivers a set of tools that speed the modeling of vehicle impact analyses including comprehensive crash tool, dummy and barrier libraries and offers “Process Guidance” for 21 FMVSS, ECE and Insurance Institute test scenarios.

The Safety Module Facilitates:

  • Streamlined model development.
  • Consistent modeling and analysis processes.
  • The reduction of modeling effort and time.
  • The implementation of many common impact & occupant safety
    test conditions.

Crash Tool Library

  • Dummies­—SID and EUROSID dummy models (FTSS available), hybrid III dummy models (FTSS available), LSTC/NCAC dummies
  • Barriers—FMVSS/ECE side impact barrier, 0-degree front rigid barrier, 30-degree rigid front barrier, front offset deformable  barrier, rear impact barrier
  • Impactors, rams, pendulums, head forms

Vehicle Impact Processes

  • FMVSS regulations—side door intrusion, US dynamic, rigid wall 0 degree/30 degree, roof crush resistance, flat rigid wall rear impact, 70% overlap deformable barrier rear impact
  • ECE regulations—deformable 40% offset, frontal impact, rear impact, euro dynamic side impact)
  • Insurance/consumer requirements
  • Front rigid pole impact, side pole impact
  • IIHS 40% offset deformable barrier front crash
  • AMS (rigid 15 degree, ASD 50% overlap anti-sliding device)
  • Bumper impact FMVR581 (flat, offset, pendulum)

Occupant Safety Processes

  • FMVSS—Free Motion Head Impact, Seatbelt Anchorage, Child Restraints anchorage system, sled test occupant simulation, knee bolster simulation, steering control system
  • ECE—luggage intrusion, steering control system

Airbag Folder

  • Provides a toolset for typical fold patterns
  • Tuck, roll, fold, future release to include the scrunch fold
  • Fold pattern can be saved and bag re-folded with same fold pattern




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