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DYNAFORM Enhanced with Optimization - Develop & design a formable part more quickly than ever.

Optimization of sheet metal forming is now possible using DYNAFORM™. The most accurate die analysis tool available, DYNAFORM™ is now enhanced with the HEEDS* optimization search engine, SHERPA.   
For many years, DYNAFORM has been used by tooling engineers as a virtual  tryout for metal stamping.  Engineers can go beyond identifying problem areas by incorporating design optimization to improve performance and quality - reducing wrinkling, thinning and tearing. In the simulations shown, cracking is greatly reduced (red areas).
The incorporation of optimization streamlines die design, improves product performance and reduces manufacturing time and cost by first specifying constraints and then allowing simulation iterations to search for the best possible solution.  As a result, higher performing, higher quality products can be can be developed, while greater manufacturing efficiency is achieved.  
Using design optimization, a firm can reduce costs by identifying the optimal variables for sheet metal stamping. Production constraints can be entered as guidelines and SHERPA finds the ideal values for the specified variables.  Namely, OP uses this process to optimize drawbead rates. The system identifies the optimal values and updates the database automatically.




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