ACP OpDesign - Product design & development using generative design and 3G design optimization.

ACP OpDesign process enables concurrent optimization through holistic design attributes from concept to production.

Process optimization

The patented Accelerated Concept to Product (ACP) ProcessĀ® has revolutionized and streamlined the product development process, through optimization led design. Better performance by considering multidisciplinary loading cases (i.e. Body structure: Stiffness, Crash/safety, and Road loads).

Reduce Mass

5 to 30% based on available design variables.

Improved Performance

Better product performance as to stiffness, crash/safety, vehicle dynamics, and durability.

Break the Mold

Evaluate 100s of design concepts, not just one or a few.

Expand Design Space

A holistic design space expands the set of all possible design variables.

ACP’s demonstrated abilities include reducing product development costs significantly, product mass, and product development time, while improving product performance as regards stiffness, NVH, crash/safety, and vehicle dynamics.

Optimize Existing Designs

Start with an existing design, focusing on optimization of geometry, grade, and gauge (3G).

Reduce Time to Market

ACP synchronizes design, CAD, CAE, and manufacturing processes under multi-discipline load cases, resulting in time savings.

Evaluate Multiple Load Conditions

ACP OpDesign orchestrates the phases of product design and development and evaluates multiple design concepts.

Optimize Shape, Material, & Thickness

ACP uses multiple CAE tools, incorporating materials and manufacturing processes, for the optimum in weight and performance.