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Genesis is the structural analysis and optimization software that provides fully integrated analysis and design optimization, developed by the leading experts in structural optimization. The finite element analysis is based on the finite element method for static, normal mode, direct/model frequency analysis, random response analysis, heat transfer, and system buckling calculations. The structural optimization types include sizing, shape, topology, topometry, topography, and freeform optimization. In addition, Genesis includes the following advanced features: multi-model optimization (MMO) and reliability-based optimization (RBO).


VisualDoc is a general purpose multidiscipline design optimization and process integration software. It is a tool for design process definition, integration, execution, and automation. The design modules include:

  • Multidiscipline Design Optimization
  • Design of Experiments
  • Response Surface Approximation
  • Probabilistic (Robust and Reliability-Based) Analysis


ESLDYNA is an optimization software that couples GENESIS optimization with LS-DYNA® Nonlinear Analysis. It is based on the Equivalent Static Loads (ESL) method that takes advantage of the capabilities of GENESIS to solve large scale optimization problems based on the responses from nonlinear finite element analysis. ESLDYNA also helps to significantly reduce design time by identifying high-performance designs with five to ten nonlinear analyses.

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