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Odyssee Suite

CADLM specializes in engineering simulation, optimization, and industrial reliability analysis. They have developed specific know-how in data analysis snd AI for the automotive, aerospace, biomedical, and civil engineering sectors. CADLM’s clients include; Toyota, PSA, Thales/DGA, VEDECOM, Ariane Group, and Dorel. The team markets its software suite under the ODYSSEE platform – which specilaizes in data mining, prediction, scale models, optimization, and artificial intelligence.

ODYSSEE stands for the Optimal Decision Support System for Engineering and Expertise. The platform includes a variety of applications for machine learning, data processing, signal processing, image processing and recognition, data compression, and data fusion, as well as data analytics.


Lunar incorporates machine learning and reduced-order modeling (ROM) techniques, using algebraic or machine learning solutions to reduce the volume of data while preserving the most important areas of the information contained within that data. This is normally done via decomposition, machine learning, or using other data fusion techniques. These techniques enable the creation of on-board and real-time applications based on existing experimental or simulation results (ex. finite elements (FEM)).

  •  Real-Time Calculation
  • Embedded Application
  • Precision Gain
  • Complete-Time Curves
  • Coupling with EF solvers (LS-DYNA, Nastran, etc.)
  • Reduce Computing Effort
  • May Produce Animations


Quasar is a computing engine that allows for easy scripting, based on a simple syntax (close to Python language). The user can work with multiple supporting files (including CSV), matrices, vectors, scalars, executables, databases, quantitative or qualitative input.

Quasar provides analysis tools such as filters, transforms, math operations, matrix, vector operations, scalar operations, and file manipulations. It also includes a web interface for users that have little knowledge of scripting while also providing benefits for experienced users to launch directly into their quasar scripts without a command-line interface.

  • Supervised / Non-Supervised Machine Learning
  • Image Processing / Recognition
  • Data Mining / Statistics / Data Compression
  • Scripting / Encapsulation / Programming


Nova is an executable that can encapsulate ODYSSEE modules; QUASAR, PULSAR, and STELLAR while allowing the ability to run the design of experiments (DOE), extract / replace data in files (parsing) and optimization. The function evaluation can be defined in a batch file, in Quasar.qsr file, with a Stellar.ntc process or any other solver.

  • Optimization (SQP, DHSimplex, SA, and Genetic, etc.)
  • DOE
  • Reliability / Robustness
  • Model Fitting

To learn more about CADLM please visit:

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