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PreSys is an advanced multi disciplinary CAE pre/post processing tool for the development of finite element analysis models. User can generate a solver specific input file ready to be analyzed from an existing CAD data and then post process the results in a single integrated GUI. It offers an intuitive user interface with many streamlined functions, allowing for fewer operation steps with a minimum amount of data entry.  PreSys allows the user to analyze product designs, view simulation results, and predict how the product will perform in a given circumstance. PreSys works the way you do – The menus, toolbars, and many interface features can be customized. Including a model explorer feature that provides streamlined data navigation. Developed by the leader in the creation and implementation of new computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools and methodology, PreSys is ETA’s 4th generation pre/post-processor. It delivers the capability to handle finite element modeling with clarity and ease. Presys also have two dedicated modules for setup a drop test and fluid-structure interaction apart from regular pre and post processing.

A good quality FE model is a key foundation to a quality simulation. Presys provides extended features to develop a robust FE Model. The advanced graphical capabilities and efficient menu structure means significant modeling time reduction. Though primarily Presys is designed to prepare and modify LS Dyna models quickly. Presys supports all the LS Dyna keywords along with descriptions of each field which makes editing and understanding those fields quite easy.

Finite Element Modeling Toolset

  • Task manager guides the user through operations
  • Surface auto-meshing
  • Automated solid meshing
  • Boundary condition definition
  • Material library
  • Unlimited model size
  • Direct interface with LS-DYNA, NEi/Nastran and MSC/NASTRAN
  • Interactive mesh editing
  • Model check and repair tools
  • Continuous data error checking
  • Include file management
  • Capability to interoperate between two different solvers
  • Model data displayed in tree structure. Quickly and efficiently access all model entities. Also easy access to all the solver specific cards/inputs
  • Card image view to create/edit non graphical data
  • Scripting interface and macro capability
  • Language localization

Fully Configurable User Interface

  • Native Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32 & 64-bit OS support
  • High performance, OpenGL-based graphics
  • Ability to open and control multiple models simultaneously
  • Shortcut keys definable by user

Interfaces with CAD Software Via Standard Formats

  • IGES, STEP, SAT, CATIA, DXF, UG NX, ProE, Solidworks and Parasolid
  • Import/export capability

Post Processing

Presys provides integrated post processing environment. User can post process simulation results from various solvers. Following are the key
features of post processing User can plot different attributes and export snapshots or animations with extremely high resolution.

Complete Results Visualization

  • Stress/strain contour plotting
  • Animation of deformations & stress/strain data
  • Synergized with pre processor for pre defined groups/sets
  • Graphing tools for complete data analysis
  • 3D view application for stand-alone viewing of models and results

Drop Test Module (DTM)
Impact analysis or drop testing is one of the critical test in many product development cycle. Drop test module in Presys allows user to quickly setup a drop test by asking users minimum inputs such as drop height and angle. All the other necessary solver specific input is prepared by Presys. User can submit the analysis and read the results in same GUI.

Fluid Structure Interaction (ALE/FSI)
Large deformation problems such as bird strike, blast, forging, fluid sloshing etc are widespread. Finite element analysis of such problems has been made possible by ALE methods. PreSys FSI module allows user to setup such simulations very quickly using a process oriented GUI.

User can setup different zones(or medium) along with explosive geometric/material properties along with dedicated LS Dyna Control/Load/EOS cards.

PreSys with Nisa