VPG Suite - An All-new vertical application replicating real life, proving ground simulations.

VPG Suite assists engineers’ understanding of true system performance under various conditions, providing early system-level validation.

Test virtually for standards using Regulations, Occupant Positioning, Seatbelt Routing, Pedestrian Protection, and Airbag modules.

Crash simulations

Choose from various standards such as FMVSS, ECE, CNCAP, & JNACP.

Pedestrian Protection

PedPro is required in Europe and China, and soon in the USA.

Airbag deployment

Test proper airbag un/folding is a critical part of testing.

Leverages LS-DYNA

Uses LS-DYNA multi-physics to simulate real-world behavior.

VPG Suite’s Structure 3 key modules include a libary of standard road surfaces used on a variety of tracks. It also includes a parametric 3D finite element tire model to mimic real-world tests. Tire/Road module generates forces and moments at tire patch and spindle.

Stick Model

Chassis/Suspension Rigid Body Simulation as basic foundation.

Hybrid Model

Mid-level studies using Deformable Chassis/Suspension simulation.

Full Vehicle System

Use fully deformable models with rigid or deformable suspensions.

Accurate tire model

Specify standard sizes for better suspension test results.