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Vehicle DynamicsVPG's Structure module allows the user to define LS-DYNA models which can be used for mechanical system analysis including tire model, suspension model and road surfaces.  VPG uses an analysis approach consistent with test environments dynamic non-linear analysis using real-time boundary conditions.

Road Surface Models

  • Digitized from MGA proving ground roads
  • Any 3-D data can be used to generate road surfaces

Tire Models

  • 3-D FEA models including the tire air pressure
  • Frictional Contact interface with road
  • Validated versus test data

Vehicle Dynamics

  • Road Load Generation
  • Use of simplified models for event-based loads
  • Rigid and flexible members
  • Component or sub-system studies

Full System & Component Durability / Fatigue Assessment

  • Time-domain transient stress and strain prediction
  • eta/VPG fatigue analysis tool included
  • Allows multiple material assignment
  • Provides a way to create user defined materials
  • Users can output files useful in other fatigue codes
  • Simulation of durability critical proving ground events
  • Calculate material damage of each event
  • Calculate the “occurrence” cycles
  • Accumulate damages per cycle to predict fatigue life.

Noise, Vibration & Harshness

  • Simulate dynamic rough road events including cobbles, potholes and ditches
  • Simulate vehicle limit handling events including rollover and emergency lane changes




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