By Guoliang Xi, VPG Suite Development Manager

In early 1990s, ETA began developing software using the Virtual Proving Ground concept. ETA created tool sets allowing users to set up system-level models quickly and efficiently for evaluation.  

The system-level models were developed into software modules, focusing on vehicle chassis, suspension, and vehicle body structure. The software solution was called VPG, patented in 1997, and provided simulation of actual proving ground loading conditions. 

VPG included: 

  • A virtual environment, simulating early-stage proving ground prototyping and product evaluation. 
  • Evaluation of durability fatigue life based on accurate multi-body kinematic modeling of suspension, tire, and road intersection. 
  • Actual road loading simulation for structure evaluation and correlation studies. 

Following VPG 1.0’s initial release, ETA continued developing the software.  Now, in 2022, ETA is preparing to release VPG Suite 2022, the next generation of VPG. VPG Suite is now arranged around two core modules: Safety & Structure. 

Learn more about all the new features in VPG Suite 2022, including newly enhanced capabilities, features, and functions in our walk-through webinar below.

Within the Safety module, there are five sub-modules: 

  • Restraint 
    • Dummy Positioning
    • Seat
    • Airbag Folding
    • Seatbelt Routing
  • Pedestrian Protection
  • Interior
  • Regulation
  • Rollover

Through enhanced algorithm and optimized processing procedures, VPG Suite Safety modules provide convenient and simplified operations, a modernized user interface, and improved accuracy across all features.  It also provides easy post processing functions, including automatic report creation and output in Microsoft PowerPoint file format. 

Using an enhanced marking algorithm, Pedestrian Protection provides a unique and nearly automatic processing procedure.  

Overall, VPG Suite’s automation and convenience tools reduce many hours’ work for customers.  

VPG Suite Structure module provides Road, Tire, and Suspension tool sets for rigid, flexible and hybrid models, simulating vehicle system dynamics and analyzing durability efficiently. 

VPG Suite is a vertical application product serving the automotive and transportation industries. VPG Suite itself and individual sub-modules can be plugged into many CAE software solutions. 

VPG Suite - Virtual Proving Ground by Engineering Technology Associates, Inc.

Structure Module