Your Blueprint to Seamless Sheet Metal Forming Using Advanced Simulation Capabilities

Enhanced features of Dynaform provides users tool to accomplish die design virtually

  • Faster solver in Sigform for quick simulations
  • Develop die design and evaluate feasibility including multi-stage
  • One step forming along with blank size and cost estimation
  • Predict formability and springback
  • Springback compensation
  • Trim line optimisation
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Meet Dynaform 7.1 – A sheet metal forming simulation tool designed to improve all phases of the die development process.

Dynaform 7.1 Introduces Die Face Design Capabilities

DFD Monitor - Dynaform

Prevent Costly Errors

Prevent Costly Errors

Go beyond just ID’ing issues. Actually improve performance & quality by reducing wrinkling, thinning & tearing.

Generate Quotes Quickly

Generate Quotes Quickly

Accurately estimate blank size and blank nesting for maximum material utilization, minimum scrap, and piece costs.

Generate Quotes Quickly

Rapid Reliable Results

Die Evaluation includes INCSolver, allowing engineers to generate reliable formability results with a short response time.

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Promote rapid development & validation of single-station and progressive die designs based on accurate LS-DYNA® results.

ETA specializes in all major aspects of structural analysis, serving CAE software solutions for automotive, aerospace, and other key industries.

ETA Cae Software

CAE Software

ETA offers a portfolio of tools with features to design and validate your product development and sheet metal forming processes.

ETA Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions

A full-service CAE virtual product development firm, ETA specializes in programs needing complex simulation solutions.

ETA in Client Services

In-Client Services

Struggling to find qualified engineering talent? ETA’s In-Client Services connects you with talented applicants.

Prevent Costly Errors - ETA


Cost reduction

Generate Quotes Quickly - ETA


Time to market

Uncover Flaws & Optimize Product Designs - ETA


Product mass reduction

Product Development


Product development time

* Specific results vary based on factors such as scope and stage of program involvement.

Founded in 1983 in Michigan (USA), ETA now has 250 employees worldwide. Our wealth of simulation project experience paired with our strategic partnerships with global manufacturers and research institutes uniquely positions us to serve your needs.

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Innovation Driven

4-decades’ creativity when unorthodox solutions are called for.

Machine Learning


Making higher-quality products in reduced time possible.

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Global Footprint

ETA provides engineering services and software tools globally.

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Strategic Partnerships

Solid relationships with OEMs & Tier-1 suppliers and technology partners, worldwide.

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Being at the forefront for CAE, we can deliver innovative solutions in a way the best suites your needs.

We at LevelOne Development Group, and on behalf of our main customer, Toyota Tsusho America, ETA for the high quality professional work provided to us over the years. The Finite Analysis you provide is an integral part of our development process. We rely on ETA to provide high quality oversight of our preliminary designs.

LevelOne Development Group

I would like to share my pleasant experience using Dynaform. Mr. Chen (Dynaform product manager) has been very professional and has a wealth of knowledge in Dynaform products. We can rest assured that he and his team are always there to answer our queries, resolve our technical issues and provide good solutions to NOK.

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  • CAE, or Computer-Aided Engineering, involves the use of advanced simulation and analysis tools to optimize product design and performance. Our services can help you enhance product quality, reduce development time, and cut costs by identifying and solving engineering challenges in the virtual environment.