Innovative solutions for unconventional product design.

When you need an unorthodox solution, ETA can leverage 4-decades’ creativity to employ CAE simulation in unconventional ways.

Break Out Options

Thinking ‘CAE’ often brings to mind images of stressed vehicle components. Apart from these conventional structural analyses, there are uncounted applications and domains where effective use of CAE Simulation Software can lead to innovative solutions for a variety of problems. ETA’s Engineering Research and Development (R&D) team thinks laterally, applying new solutions to many different problems and applications. Here are some examples:

Prevent Costly Errors - ETA

Plastic Solo cup

SOLO, needed ways to reduce cost for their famous cups.

Broken Glass

Greif fibre drums

Dropped frequently, the drums needed to withstand droppage better.

brakes icon

Brake performance

Noisy, Hot, ETA developed creative performance solution.

Ground pad

Ground-improvement mats

Designed non-crushable ground mats for armor and tank applications.

Research and Innovation