AI/ML & ROM for CAE predictive modeling & optimization solutions.

AI/ML and ROM enable data gathering and analysis across machines, making it possible to produce higher-quality products in reduced time.

Automotive simulation testing

Changing simulation roles for design, to operator training and optimized operations, is essential and requires the number of simulations to grow into the tens of thousands during product design and development.

ETA’s strategy is to provide a total solution using AI/ML, allowing the available technology to move at a faster pace and to integrate all areas of product design development utilizing AI/ML technologies.


Quick Results

Use legacy data for better product behavior predictions, earlier.

Product Development

Shorter PD time

Learning reduces simulation cycles 80-90%

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Performance Prediction

Anticipate a design’s performance, before design.

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Optimize design space exploration

Reduction of optimization cycle time.

Machine Learning ETA

AI/ML is a technology revolutionizing productivity, shifts economics, fosters industrial growth, and will modify the workforce; ultimately changing company and region competitiveness.

AI/ML will migrate into product design and production, leading to greater efficiencies, changing traditional production relationships among suppliers, producers, customers, and, between humans & machines.


Full frontal rigid crash test

Used existing data from a platform’s different variants to predict new-variant sensor signal. Extended for airbag calibration.


Formability prediction

Predict formability and other forming attributes as a function of bead force and binder pressure.


Multi disciplinary loadcases prediction

Predict door performance for a dynamic pole intrusion & modal analysis as a function key components’ gage, grade & geometry.


Pedestrian protection performance

HIC score prediction for multiple points on hood subassembly. Based on learning from headform locations, reducing # simulations.

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Chassis static stiffness optimization

Optimize chassis frame for global stiffnesses, eigen value, and mass, as a function of gage/grade/geometry of components.