UBECO Profil

Rollform design software for cold roll-formed profiles & seamed tubes.

UBECO’s PROFIL relieves designers of tedious work, letting them fully concentrate on design. For product & tool makers alike.

UBECO Profil

PROFIL provides the engineer practical help for a quicker and safer design. The software relieves the designer of tedious work like calculating the developed length, drawing profiles and roll tools, compiling parts lists.

Noun Flower icon

Flower Optimization

After bend angle change, band edge stress is recalculated and displayed.


Simplifies Roll Design

Create roll drawings with just a keystroke. The roll tool drawings are dimensioned automatically.

Robot Assistant ETA

Works as Your Assistant

Determines neutral line & developed sheet metal length. Calculates all process data such as spring back and band edge stress.


Speed Up Flower Pattern Design

Make changes easily, using the editor or the modified toolbox to create the bending steps.

Profit Composit