Uncover Design Flaws with Forming Simulation

Tube Bending Animation
Formability Simulation (FS)
Formability Simulation (FS)
Formability Simulation (FS) Results
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Dynaform is a complete die system, LS-DYNA based simulation solution for the automotive, electrical, stamping, and tool & die industries. It allows organizations to evaluate alternative and unconventional designs and materials while reducing costs, eliminating prototype tooling, and improve product performance.

By simulating the die system, during the design stage, Dynaform ensures the highest quality formed part and most efficient manufacturing process possible.

Blank Size Engineering (BSE)

The BSE module is used for the unfolding of three-dimensional sheet metal parts and for estimating the blank size along with blank nesting the maximum material usage scrap, and piece price. BSE can be used to predict thinning, thickening, and to generate a forming limit diagram (FLD).

BSE Features:

  • Step-by-Step Process Wizard
  • Simple and Advanced Unfolding Mode
  • Automatic Tipping
  • Inner Fill
  • Double Attached Parts
  • Tailor Welded Blank (TWB)
  • MSTEP (Modified One-Step) Solver
  • Trimline Estimation
  • Blank Nesting
  • Batch BSE
  • Batch Nesting
  • Blank Development
  • Nesting and Cost Estimation Report in HTML and Excel Format
  • Quick Feasibility Study

Formability Simulation (FS)

The FS module facilitates the rapid development and validation of the single-station, progressive and line die design. It uncovers hidden problem areas and enables the ability to optimize designs based on accurate forming results.

FS Features:

  • Tree Structure Setup Process
  • Simulation Data Manager
  • Drawbead Shape and Library
  • Drawbead Optimization
  • Solid Blank Forming
  • Coordinate System Manager
  • Instant Section Cut
  • Tata Steel FLD
  • Springback Prediction
  • Automatic Springback Compensation (SCP)
  • Multi Stage Simulation
  • Progressive Die Simulation
  • Line Die Simulation
  • Tonnage Prediction
  • Face Reflection Analysis
  • Stoning Analysis
  • Special Forming Process
    • Sheet Hydroforming
    • Roller Hemming
    • Superplastic Forming
    • Stretch Forming
    • Spinning Forming

FS Add-ons:

  • Blank and Trimline Development
  • Hot Forming and Die Structure Cooling (DSC)
  • Tube Bending and Forming

Die Evaluation (D-Eval)

Dynaform’s D-Eval module is tailored to analyze CAD based tooling designs during the early stages of the product development cycle. It is equipped with the stamping purpose increment solver, which generates reliable formability results in a suitable timeframe.

D-Eval Features:

  • Tipping Adjustments
  • Binder Generation and Modification
  • Surface Morphing
  • Die Design Modification
  • CAM Trim Evaluation
  • Trim Line Check

Die System Analysis (DSA)

The DSA module efficiently predicts many stamping concerns within the stamping production line. DSA consists of three unique capabilities; Die Structure Integrity (DSI), Scrap Shedding/Removal (SSR), and Sheet Metal Transferring/Handling (SMTH). The DSI simulates operational loads to analyze the design integrity of the die. It can generate FEA models of the die structure, define operational and stamping loads, evaluate the die structure strength, and durability by incorporating implicit solutions. The number one cause of stamping line shutdowns is the failure of scrap from exiting the workstation. This problem can be predicted and corrected in the trim die design stage which will help to avoid possible troubleshooting in the plant. The SHR streamline, models the generation for scrap, trim dies, chutes, and trim steel. The trimming operations and shedding simulations can be easily set up in the scrap shedding graphic interface. SMTH simulates the transfer of metal as it progresses through the manufacturing process, simulating the transfer of the work-piece to the initial die station, movement between stations, pick-up of the finished part, and the placement on the shipping rack. Part of the deformation generated in the simulation is used to predict the interference between the work-piece and the tools. The stress and strain results can be used to prevent damage during transport, loading, and unloading operations.

Dynaform NX Modules


BSE-in-NX is a complete solution for accurately estimating blank size and blank nesting the maximum material utilization, minimum scrap, and piece costs—all within the familiar NX environment. The solution can quickly produce a blank outline for blank size estimation along with piece price and scrap calculation.

D-Eval-in-NX allows engineers to analyze the die design within the NX environment using an efficient, non-linear finite element program that is exclusively developed for simulation of sheet metal forming processes.