About ETA

Engineering Technology Associates, Established in 1983



ETA was founded in 1983 in Troy, Michigan and has over 300 employees worldwide. ETA has a wealth of experience in simulation products and projects, in addition to over 37 years of strategic partnerships with automakers, molding manufacturers, universities, and research institutes worldwide.


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ETA established a wholly-owned company in Shanghai, China in 2003, responsible for software promotion and application in Greater China and technical support throughout the Asia-Pacific region, providing a complete set of solutions for the CAE method of product design, including vehicle CAE analysis, sheet metal forming CAE analysis, 3C products drop impact, aerospace, military, and defense aspects of CAE analysis.

Since 2009, ETA China has offered professional solutions in almost all industries such as automotive, aviation, military, machinery, electronic products, medical equipment, and so on.

ETA has also established a well-staffed Research and Development Center in Nanjing, China. The team in Nanjing is constantly developing and improving the ETA software products Dynaform, VPG, and Presys.



ETA-APME, headquartered in Bangalore, India specializes in providing CAE Simulation Software, Engineering Services, Staffing Solutions, Training Programs and Back-Office Support.

The ETA-APME engineering team specializes in EV design, full vehicle design, crashworthiness, occupant safety, formability analysis, die design, and die structure optimization. The firm is a leading provider of services such as linear & non-linear stress analysis, crash, NVH, durability, safety, thermal analysis, seismic analysis, CFD, electromagnetic, composite material analysis and civil-structure analysis & design.

ETA-APME 6th Sense, the training division of ETA-APME, aims to enable career success in the automotive industry for engineering students, graduates and experienced professionals by educating them on the latest trends in advanced automotive technologies.