ETA Technology Partners



Founded in 1970, Ansys employs more than 4,400 professionals, many of whom are expert M.S. and Ph.D.-level engineers in finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, electronics, semiconductors, embedded software and design optimization.



CADLM specializes in engineering, simulation, optimization, and industrial reliability analysis. They have developed specific know-how in data analysis and AI, especially for the automotive, aerospace, biomedical, and civil engineering sectors. CADLM distributes its software under the ODYSSEE platform (data mining, prediction, scale models, optimization, and artificial intelligence).



Established in 1985 as a team of software developers in the field of sheet metal design. UBECO soon incorporated designers to build roll forming tools in collaboration with roll forming companies in Germany. This generated public appeal allowing UBECO to develop the roll forming software PROFIL (German term for ‘profile’).