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VPG Suite is a set of plug-ins, which allow the user to quickly & efficiently create finite element models & define the models for mechanical system analyses.

It can be used to simulate common automotive safety test conditions, drop tests, fluid-structure interaction & structural analysis accurately.     

The Drop Test plug-in enables engineers to simulate designs undergoing the abuse of everyday use & the extremes of the product lifetime.  

The FSI application allows the user to create advanced fluid-structure interaction simulations, automatically creating ALE mesh zones & explosive pressure sources. The user can set-up LS-DYNA® models with multiple fluid zones & variable charge shapes using a simple parametric model definition. 

The Safety plug-in allows the user to set-up LS-DYNA® safety simulations, including FMVSS & ECE vehicle safety test simulations. Occupant modeling is supported to interactively position finite element dummy models & add seatbelts. 

With the Structure plug-in, the user can analyze tire models, suspension models & road surfaces.  The plug-in offers a dynamic non-linear analysis approach, using real-time boundary conditions consistent with common test environments.



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