Meet Dynaform 6.2: All New Tube Bending and Hydroforming Die Face Design and Simulation

For years, engineers and tool designers have struggled to find comprehensive, accurate, and easy-to-use software for tube forming simulations. But that all changes with Dynaform 6.2.

It’s difficult to save time and cut costs while also performing high-quality bending, pre-forming, hydroforming, trimming, and annealing tasks. That’s where Dynaform 6.2 excels.

Simulate Multi-stage Tube Forming

Tube bending, pre-forming, and hydroforming definition – all in one module.

Accurately Predict Tube Forming Failures

Predict and avoid wrinkles, cracks, spring back, feasibility of hydroforming, and more.

Automatically Calculate Center Lines

Find center lines instantly by tube product geometry.

Enhanced Tube Bending Solvers

 Calculate tube bending with both one-step and incremental solvers.

Dynaform 6.2 is the sixth-generation die system simulation solution. It provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface with a streamlined process design. The stamping simulation process is fully based on the actual stamping process, which requires less CAE knowledge, and minimum geometry and mesh operations.

Dynaform’s tube forming simulation now supports multi-stage tube forming, including tube bending, tube pre-forming, tube hydroforming, trimming, and annealing. The simulations can accurately predict failures like wrinkles, cracks, spring back, and feasibility of hydroforming.  No matter what process you are using or which stage you are focusing on, you can easily find the function you are looking for.

Full-process Tube Forming

Key tube forming processes include features like bending, preforming, hydroforming, trimming, and annealing.

Auto-Tool Creation

Robust automated tool creation based on product geometry.

Dynaform’s bending table now supports editing, inserting, and deleting operations. Users can now also import the bending table manually or automatically generate it from the center line. Our bending table generation algorithm improvements now serve to save users significant amounts of time generating tables.

Enhanced Simulation

Simulate tube feeding, rotating, and bending simultaneously.

Data Exchange

Enjoy seamless data exchanges with bending machines.

Hydroforming in Dynaform 6.2 now supports comprehensive die face design including tube end extensions, centerline auto calculating, quick generating of die separating lines, mesh model separation based on separating lines, and more. Instead of switching to CAD software to create the tools, users can finish almost all major FEA model preparation works in Dynaform.

FEA Preparation

Finish motion definition, mesh editing, & more – all in Dynaform.

Tools Generation

Generate both upper and lower tools quickly and easily.

With enhancements across nearly every area of Dynaform including Tube Forming, BSE, Geometry Manager, and more, Dynaform 6.2 is one of our largest updates to date.

Geometry Manager Enhancements

Select Surface by Spread method, save thickness information for solid parts, and more.

BSE Enhancements

Many new additions including using relative paths for nesting pictures in HTML reports, PDF support in nesting reports, and defining min and max thinning limit values in the material library.

Sheet Forming Features & Functions

Auto-create Guide Pins with the new outer line in Blank/Trim Line Development.

New Post Capabilities

Create Boundary lines, combine Sheet and Inner Fill FLDs for BSE, utilize Ironing Rate functions, and more.

Enhanced ETA Reports

Always-activated Plot ‘From Post’ button in result files, support for Springback Distance Functions, and more.

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