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Profil is a roll form design software for manufacturers of cold roll-formed profiles or seamed tubes from sheet metal and for designers of roll formers and tube mills. The software supports a streamlined work environment – costing cost and time with planning, design, calculation, and drawing of the profile.

Profil is available for all Windows platforms and has an easy to use Windows-based user interface, which enables non-experienced roll form designers to learn through self-tuition.
The software was built with a variety of CAD interfaces (DXF, IGES, and MI) and can be used for generating drawings in any CAD system. For AutoCAD, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, and BricsCAD, the ActiveX-interface is used.

The Many Benefits of  PROFIL 

  • Supports the Section Definition. Create new profiles while entering the dimensions into the system, by importing a CAD contour or by using the design toolbox for standard profiles, or by combining these powerful tools to get the design of your choice.
  • Works as Your Assistant. Besides determining the neutral line and calculating the developed length of the sheet metal, PROFIL calculates all the important data for the bending process: spring back, statics, and the stress of the band edge.
  • Speeds up Your Work Designing the Flower Pattern. Simply change the angle or radius values with the editor or by using the modified toolbox to create the bending steps. You may select a constant developed length or a constant radius method.
  • Assists in the Modification and Optimization of the Flower. After every modification of a bending angle, the stress of the band edge is recalculated and displayed.
  • Simplifies the Roll Design by Directly Using the Profile Contour or Any Contour Drawn in CAD. The userfriendly commands can modify the rolls to your individual needs. Create roll drawings with just a keystroke. The roll tool drawings are dimensioned automatically.
  • Leads in Searching for Suited Rolls –  if existing old rolls of the roll stock need to be re-used for a new project.

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